Be Happy!

Be Happy!
A toaster in Greece produced this!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


So, almost a year has gone since I wrote my last post. This is bad and needs to change. Here is an update of the past year I had, it's been a good one:

The last time you read anything of mine, I had just finished a week of work experience at S Magazine. This work experience gave me the drive I needed to revise like crazy for my A Levels so I could get into University and hopefully end up with a job like that one. 

For months and months I revised like a mad woman and eventually sat those dreaded A Levels in June. Then, to celebrate, all of my friends and I went to Ayia Napa in Cyprus for TEN whole days- wow. It was an experience. EXTREME heat, crazy/scary Cypriot men fighting, Londoners EVERYWHERE and all my friends together- it was actually really good! After that I worked pretty much every single day up until results day.... RESULTS DAY!

Not sure I got any sleep the night before results, i'm not sure I know anyone who did! But anyway, 6am came around far too quickly; even though I was up all night I was not prepared for what was to happen. My results came through as BBC. Not good enough for Bournemouth which was my dream. So, Southampton Solent it is, I thought. BUT. LOW AND BEHOLD. An e-mail came through from Bournemouth University...they had accepted me onto BA Multimedia Journalism with my BBC grades, even though they were asking for AAB! HALLELUJAH. This was probably the best moment of my life so far! 

So, for two weeks after results I was travelling around Italy with my family. We explored Rome, Venice, Florence and Viareggio- it was a fantastic holiday and I will post about that soon! 

Soon enough it was time to say goodbye to everyone :( out of my friends I was the first to go. On Saturday 15th September I was on my way to Bournemouth. I could not believe it. I felt way too young to go! As sad as it was to say goodbye, once my parents had left, it was time for Freshers to begin! 

Bournemouth's notorious Fresher's Fortnight was insane...back to school night, zombie night, jungle night.. we were out every night of the week and had the best time.

Lectures soon started and sure enough I realised that maybe the going out every night thing had to stop! Journalism, I soon became aware of, is an extremely fast paced industry and the course mirrors that almost exactly! I swiftly learnt the fact Shorthand was to take over my life but I also made some great friends and did some really fun assignments.

Christmas came too soon, but in a good way because I spent a week in Val Thorens with the BU Snowriders. What an incredible experience (also something I shall be posting about) and I urge anyone who is reading this to go skiing with their university as you will have the BEST time.

So now, I am in my fifth month of my University experience. Already, it has gone zooming past and I can't believe how much has happened! I have met some incredible friends and just had the best time- it is better than I ever would have expected. I have got involved in University itself, from the Snowriders, to Nerve Radio and News and The Student Eye (a feature on Bournemouth Echo's website) as well as Jump TV! What a good five months it has this space for more updates!