Be Happy!

Be Happy!
A toaster in Greece produced this!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


So i've just discovered some blogs that I found so funny and just HAD to follow as I literally can't wait to read their next posts. I also realized that they all have posted about themselves, something which I haven't actually done.
My name is Mollie and i'm 5 foot something, not to sure how tall/small exactly, but lets just say i'm not a giant. I'm doing my A Levels at the moment, a challenge to say the least, in Media Studies, English Literature and Geography. To all those GCSE students that are deciding their A Level NOT pick Geography...even if you get an A at GCSE... it will be the death of me. Besides from studying like a maniac to achieve AAB and get into Bournemouth Uni in September, I spend my free time, not so 'free'. On tuesdays, thursdays and fridays and sometimes saturdays, I work in the evenings at my local fish and chip shop. Don't ask.. i was desperate for a job at the time and now regret it massively mainly due to the disgusting smell (NOT OF FISH BEFORE YOU ASSUME THAT) of oil or something, not sure what it is really but it stinks. I barely find time to do much else, however I love watching films and hanging out with my friends. I love to go to Nando's and GBK because i love eating. I also like to go for runs, normally most fridays i run 5k for a laugh....even though it's not funny at all but very painful at times.
At the moment i'm sat in the office for Sunday Express Magazine as i'm currently completing a week's work experience placement...i'm going to post every night about what i've done during the day so stay tuneeeddd. I've been invited to a photoshoot tomorrow however it doesn't involve celebs (i don't think) but it'll still be cool anyhow.
ummmm what else do i do? READ literally love love love reading and because of that.. i love writing too. I'm ashamed to say i'm reading the last Harry Potter book...ashamed because it is a task I should have accomplished years ago and I hate to admit but i'm jealous now of the times my older brother spent outside bookshops in all weather conditions to get his hands on the latest GENIUS novel by J.K. Rowling. Anyway, i'm making up for it now and I may cry when I finish it.

I'm the third of four children so my family is pretty big but I wouldn't change it for the world. I have to share a room with my younger sister who is 14 though which is a bit of a pain and it means i HATE sharing anything with anyone because the minute I get home...everything is shared with Fi. I also have a rabbit called Rocky however he is also Fi's and I don't hold him much because he freaks me out a bit but he is a cutie.

So, when you think about who is behind all these weird and wonderful blog posts you can read this and get yourself an idea...or's up to you

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