Be Happy!

Be Happy!
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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Week at S Magazine: Day 2

Wow, today was so so good and really busy, but i'm not complaining. Once again I was early so I sat myself down on a bench on the Thames, just metres away from Tower Bridge (I call myself a 'Londoner' however I get so excited about all the touristy things) reading my book.
I got myself a new pass and I was soon back in the office. Spent about half an hour getting more quotes for the contents page and then I was called into the meeting which was wicked! Stood with my pal Benita while she explained everything to me and listened in on the plans for the week;  the editor wants sunday's mag is hopefully going to be completed by Thursday. I made my first cup of tea today :( boohoo but luckily it was only the editor that asked me so I didn't mind too much. It also enabled me to stretch my legs which I was secretly DESPERATE to do.
My next job was easy; typing out ingredients and a method for a Vinegared Rice recipie (doesn't sound at all appealing). Then it was soon lunch and I found myself yet again alone in the canteen however today I chose a more central table and I had Harry Potter, instead of Othello, to keep me company. After lunch I had a relaxing break as there were a few people still on their own breaks, so I did some blogging and followed some other people. Then I quickly had another job to complete and it was really really good. It sounds boring, and the 'Fashion Girl' (realised her name is Laura so I will call her that now), Laura said it was boring however I enjoyed myself. It's a job called 'returns' and I had to sort through bags of really nice clothes (sounds horrific doesn't it?) and fill in a form involving descriptions of each item. Then I put them back in their bags and sealed it all up ready to be sent back to the shops. Saw some amazing things from the likes of ASOS and Kurt Geiger..wanted to steal some not going to lie but realised I don't think i'd ever succeed after doing so so the thought evaporated from my brain very quickly. I continued to do this for a couple of hours as there were loads and loads of clothes, then I helped Laura deliver them down to the Courier to be sent off.
I started my final job at about 5.45 so I didn't do it for long and didn't achieve much. It was only sorting out catalogues into alphabetical order which sounds soooo boring however I didn't mind it as, once again, it actually involved me getting out of my chair. Vicki, a really nice woman who keeps giving me all these great jobs, invited me to a photoshoot at her house tomorrow however we decided that it would be too difficult for me to get there which is a shame however she said she'd take me out on Thursday or Friday and thanked me for my help :) thought that was really nice of her so I don't mind too much about not going tomorrow.
It makes me laugh because as soon as it's 6pm, no matter if people are in the middle of something, all the computers are shut down and coats are put on and everyone is out the door. This happens all over the room- S magazine share a massive room with the likes of OK! Hello, Star, More magazines and Channel 5- and the lights are probably turned off by half past.
This is no bad thing at all, it means I can get home within an hour and a half however this evening I stayed in town and had a meal out with my was our first time at Wagamama's and despite sharing a rather large table with about 20 other people, it was amazing! Service was so good and the food was even better; reasonable prices too.
Only downside of today: couldn't sit down on the train on the way there because it was jam packed and obviously it had to be the day where my bag was extra heavy..not sure why, possibly because of Harry Potter...and I did get slightttlyyy lost on my way to meet Tom (boyfriend) but managed to redeem myself by cleverly working out the underground tube system and I got to where I needed to be (Waterloo) in ten minutes- very happy with myself :)
So today was yet again really really good. I've decided I don't want the week to end though so I'm going to ask at the end if they have any saturday jobs (highly unlikely) or if I can come back again in Easter perhaps! Already can't wait for tomorrow and the new jobs it will bring (pleeeaseee no more than two cups of tea) !

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  1. Your work experience sounds incredible!! Keep posting! xxx