Be Happy!

Be Happy!
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Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Week at S Magazine: Day 4

OH MY GOD. Think today could be considered as one of the best so far. I began my day in the office by sorting out post into piles and throwing away old newspapers. Sound boring? Not for long. Within 10 minutes I was asked by Paula (fashion editor) if I wanted to go on a photoshoot....ummmm YES. So then by half past ten, I was in one of those cool blacked out cabs cruisng around London with Paula and Lindsay (another 'fashion girl'). My first task: go to John Lewis on Oxford Street (the shoot was in Portland Square right behind Oxford Street) and buy two pairs of scissors, two rolls of double sided selotape and some safety pins. Paula then produced her credit card, along with her pin and off I was. Did I have a clue where I was going? No. Could I find double sided selotape anywhere? No. Actually, that's a lie. I found some in the arts n crafts section of John Lewis however I wasn't sure if it was suitable because it was weirdly thin and they had no other. This meant I was literally running up and down Oxford Street searching for any shop that would sell the right tape. I've been to the famous Oxford Street many times however I only remeber the vague locations of the big shops like Nike Town and Topshop so the shops I really needed, such as W H Smith or Rymans, were no where to be seen. Back to John Lewis it was then for the thin tape. So once this mission was accomplished, I faced another: getting back to Portland Square. I was freaking out because I think I was gone for probably about an hour and I really really didn't want to miss the opportunity to see a photoshoot so I was RUNNING. Luckily, I found where I was looking for, even if I did go the long way.
The Photoshoot was a Mother's Day special. It featured Meg Mathews, who I didn't know at first but was quickly educated on the fact she is Noel Gallagher's ex wife (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and her 12 year old daughter (imagine Noel Gallagher being your dad! WOW). Anyway the day was really really good and a great experience. The photos came out so so well and the location was perfect. In Meg's current home which was a sort of hotel/appartment but so amazingly decorated and furnished and probably cost an absolute bomb. Surprisingly everyone was really chilled out and I was made to feel really welcome. As I was told to, I 'blended into the background' and didn't get in the way and say stupid things like a previous work experience girl once said to the celeb on a photoshoot: 'I don't like that dress, it makes you look fat'.
It is safe to say that my day was extremely exciting, even if I didn't know Meg that well. I had loads of fun and by 4pm it was time to go back to the office. Even though it was a very different scenery, it felt almost like home returning there and continuing with 'normal' work. This work involved researching products, this time cushions, for 'Vicky's Best' page of the mag. I hope some of the things I discovered get featured in it because I found some really nice things.
Tomorrow is my last day, really really sad :( I've written some thank-you notes and i'm taking in chocolates and biscuits as a plea for them to keep me on forever......joking...kind of.
Who knows what tomorrow holds but I cannot wait.

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