Be Happy!

Be Happy!
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Saturday, 18 February 2012

My Week at S Magazine: Day 5

It's finished :( I'm really sad actually because I've had so much fun this week and learnt so much about the industry.
My day was quite relaxing as there were not that many people in; the fashion team were at London Fashion Week shows and not sure about others but it seemed really empty. I continued to do some product research on floral cushions and I found some really nice ones however I didn't realise how expensive some cushions were! Then Benita took me up to the canteen and we had a chat while she had a coffee. She told me all about Bournemouth (she studied Mutlimedia Journalism there, which is what I want to do) and it sounds so much fun. She told me to keep in contact with her and tell her all about it and she said she'll try and get me a placement at S Magazine or mabye even the Express paper! That will be so good. It's really given me loads of motivation now to study really hard and get those grades so I can study at Bournemouth and i'm really really excited about it.
I was given the task of going through Vicky's e-mails and printing off any press releases involving the Jubilee. I felt quite guilty going through her e-mails however I don't think there is any privacy; everyone knows eachother's passwords so I think it's alright. This was quite a fun job as some of the products were quite funny e.g. a cushion with a British bulldog on it wearing a Union Jack tophat- who would EVER buy that.

Then I did some more product research, this time on coffee tables, and again I was blown away by the price of some of them; over £1000! Some tables were actually really cool and interesting but I would never spend that much money on a table...not that I have it anyway. I did this for most of the afternoon actually. I took biscuits and a tin of Celebrations in, which went down a storm. However they were put right behind me so I ended up eating a fair few of them. Then I took part in the 'Tried and Tasted' activity that S Magazine do every week. Each week they have a food product from four different supermarkets. This week it was tiramisu, something I hadn't tried before however it was really nice. Some of them were a bit too creamy though so I felt quite sick after. However we decided that the best tasting Tiramisu was from Waitrose (surprise surprise) but it was quite a close one.
That was my day. Like I say, it was quite relaxing and I didnt do much but it was still another really good day :) Then that was it and at 6pm I was out the door. I have Benita's business card so I'm definitely going to keep in touch and hopefully go back whenever I'm next free.

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